Weekly Spelling List

Spelling Words

Each week students will be given a list of spelling words in which they will be tested on. Every Monday students will be given a spelling pre-test consisting of ten words. Students who receive 90-100% on their spelling will then be given a new list of challenge spelling words for the week. If your child receives 80% or below, then they will remain on the same standard spelling list for the week. I will send home your child's spelling pre-test every Monday in their homework folder.Whichever spelling list your child is on for the week, is the same list they will use to complete their spelling homework assignments.

“CVC” means consonant vowel consonant

“CVCe” means consonant vowel consonant with a silent “e” at the end

“CVVC” means consonant vowel vowel consonant

“Short vowel” a vowel that doesn’t “say its name” (example: a in cat, e in pen, i in kit, o in pot, and u in cup)

“Long vowel” a vowel that “says its name” (example a in cape, e in keep, i in site, o in cope, or u in cute)