Homework will be assigned everyday (with the exception of weekends, holidays, and vacations) based on concepts and subjects taught in class. Parents must initial the homework cover sheet daily. This shows me that you have assisted, overlooked, and have checked for understanding during homework with your child. On the homework cover sheet will also be listed weekly spelling words, memory verses, and your child’s behavior for the day (rubric is provided on the homework cover). These packets will be given every Monday and need to be completed and turned in on a daily basis. Homework will then be collected, corrected, and returned daily with my initials. Students will be given 5 points daily for completion, effort, and parent initials. If a homework assignment is incomplete or not turned in the day it was assigned, points will be given based on what was completed-no extensions will be given (only if absence is excused by school)

Homework Tips:
  • Encourage, praise, assist, and expect your child’s best work!
  • Have your child create and write their own sentences. They will not grow and learn if you do it for them. If needed, model on another sheet of paper or assist them with the decoding or spelling of words
  • Always use a pencil for writing, unless other directions have been given
  • Check over each night’s assignments by considering the following…
-Did your child use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and appropriate punctuation at the end?
-Did your child write neatly?
-Did your child complete all tasks given?

Reading Log:
Students will be expected to read to an adult daily for 20 minutes and complete in their reading log the book title, pages read, and obtain a parent initials. By reading with your child daily will enable your child to increase in fluency, accuracy, and comprehension J